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comprehensive health Care services at a Medical Centre, right in your neighbourhood

At PrimeCare Medical Centre and Bowmanville Medical Centre, it will be our pleasure to serve you and aid you back to health.

Our team of dedicated and supportive staff is always here to make sure you have a positive experience.

PrimeCare Medical Clinic
Brampton Hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm
Saturday to Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Open 7 Days a Week

Bowmanville Medical Clinic
Bowmanville Hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (by appointment)
Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 8 pm (walk-in)
Saturday and Sunday (by appointment)

Periodic Health Exams and Antenatal Care

PrimeCare Medical Clinic and Brampton Medical Clinic
offers the following services, and more!

General Medical Services

We provide general medical services including treatment and referral.

Periodic Health Exam

We offer periodic health checks and screening to the general patient population to maintain wellness, a state of physical and psychological wellbeing.

Ante-Natal Care

We provide quality ante-natal care to pregnant women in a safe, welcoming environment.

Post-Natal Care

We will carry out post-natal care in the few months after your delivery to address any issues that may have surfaced during your delivery.

Women’s Health

We will advise you on and prescribe a wide range of birth control methods. Where appropriate, we may refer you to a specialist.

Travel Clinic

We will advise you on the vaccines and protection required for your travel depending on your destination country.

Elderly Care

Elderly patients require unique care and sufficient time to address their concerns.

Injectible Shots

We administer allergy / flu shots. We also administer communicable disease vaccinations: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio,HiB, Shingles, Tetanus, Diphteria, Pertussis, Meningococcal, Varicella

Foot Doctor / Chiropodist

We provide on-site chiropody care. This service is not covered by OHIP.

Well Baby Care

We provide well baby care to newborn, and follow up into adolescents and adulthood

Driver’s Medical Examinations

We carry out driver’s medical examination and complete relevant paperwork. This service is not covered by OHIP.

Testing, Examinations, Treatment

We offer drug testing, wellness exams, family planning, yearly pap smears, confidential HIV and STD testing, and treatment for minor emergencies and surgeries.

Walk-In Clinic

In addition to family practice, PrimeCare Medical Centre in Brampton and Bowmanville Medical Centre in Bowmanville provide acute care on a walk-in basis.

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